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Low friction
A successful combination of different materials, normally incompatible.
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In the earliest 2000s, TENUTE R&D internal team started to study and develop an innovative system for the production of rotary-shaft seals.
Following some tests run by lab engineers and some customers/users, in 2006 TENUTE succeeded in filing the Patent that today allows the company to offer seals with PTV technology, a system enabling the vulcanization of PTFE on rubber seal lips.
Thanks to this system, friction coefficient can be reduced by 80% compared to the best elastomers on the market, decreasing at the same time heat generation and torque loss. In other words, seals featuring PTV technology are high added value products, as they can grant a 3 – 10 times longer life-time compared to the average life-time of traditional seals.

TENUTE Patent Nr. EP 2278198 B1