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Some of our Patents

Since the year TENUTE was established, in 1976, the company has always been giving priority to and study activities, an applied research conducted in order to find practical and specific solutions. This activity involves the use of external laboratories, university departments and test equipment, as well as field tests run in cooperation with customers/users.
The result of this long and intensive activity are the Patents already filed and those in their approval phase, that TENUTE makes available for its customers and the solution of their different applications.


TENUTE PTV technology - European patent Nr. EP 2278198 B1

Patented by TENUTE in 2006, PTV technology is a system enabling the vulcanization of PTFE on the rubber lip of the seal. This system allows reducing friction coefficient up to 80%, compared to the best elastomers available on the market, while reducing heat generation and torque loss too. In other words, seals featuring PTV technology are high added value products, as they can grant a 3 – 10 times longer life-time compared to the average life-time of traditional seals.

TENUTE TR/4 seal - European patent Nr. PCT/IB/2009/053141

Patented by TENUTE in 2008, TR/4 model was studied and developed to meet paper and aluminium mills specific requirements, as well as the needs of iron and steel industry in general. The main characteristic of this seal is the combination of two different springs, granting to the lip the right elasticity to compensate for high misalignments and speed up to 40 m/s. Another important advantage of TENUTE TR/4 seal, compared to the same application seals that are currently available on the market, is the absence of an outer metal case that drastically reduces the risk of damaging the housing bore during assembly operations.